Boiler service pricing

Boiler care, boiler service, heating systems & carbon monoxide alarms service & repair pricing

Option 1 Boiler service and safety check including electronic combustion diagnosis for safe and efficient operation of your gas boiler From £90 recommended yearly
Option 2 “Dualflo” water softener for luxurious soft water, includes supply and fitting. from £1350
Option 3 Electronic Carbon Monoxide Alarm / Smoke Alarm from NEST™ We will supply and fit it for you. Nest will give PEACE OF MIND for you and your family and if there is a problem, it will also send a message to your Smart Phone/Tablet. £89 lasts 3 years
Option 4 Corrosion Inhibitor for central heating, supply and inject corrosion inhibitor into your central heating water, helps prevent future corrosion in you boiler, pump and radiators. £68 lasts 3 years
Option 5 Major service – special price, cost includes options 1,2 & 3 complete service and peace of mind. £199 recommended every 3 years
Option 6 GOLD care service contract, We will cover your radiators, radiator valves, circulating pump, motorised valves, room thermostat, timer & boiler for one year parts & labour if they break down. subject to initial survey and terms & conditions. from £160 annually

Most common repairs to your central heating system

Option 7 Pump replacement – up to 5 bed house, we will supply and fit pump replacement (including new valves if necessary) If your pump has seized, burnt out, noisy or just worn out. from £250
Option 8 Motorised valve – up to 5 bed house, we will supply and fit valve replacement.If your valve is faulty (symptom: Radiators heating when you only need hot water). £270

Most popular upgrades to your central heating system

Option 9 Electronic/Digital room thermostat,we will supply and fit electric digital room thermostat to replace old dial Have more accurate control over your central heating temperature. £130
Option 10 Wireless room thermostat – , we will supply and fit NEST™ digital room thermostat to gain accurate control over your central heating temperature, can be installed in any room, and it works in conjunction with Smart Phone/ Tablet so you can even operate your heating system when you’re away from home. £299
Option 11 Thermostatic radiator valves, we will supply and fit thermostatic radiator valves. If you need to limit room temperature, i.e if upstairs gets too hot. £170 (first 3) £40 (per extra valve)
Option 12 Powerflush central heating system, removes sludge and restores circulation – Cost includes options 4 & 5. This job takes approximately 7 hrs to complete. £639
Option 12 Boiler replacement, we will supply and fit a new boiler to replace your problematic boiler. Save £´s on future fuel bills. On site survey required

*All prices exclude VAT